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Bourse India Never register with Bourse India.. They only want their service amount; once the amount is paid they never provide committed services. Their commitments are never met. They committed me that if you lose your invested amount we (company) will pay you lost amount along with the service amount. But when it actually comes to refund back the amount, they will not reply to your mails or your calls. Also they don’t have active SEBI license and registration no. I did the biggest mistake by paying the entire service amount to them. Please don’t get fooled by these people. They will show that you got the profit by sending you track record by sending excel file of messages delivered to you and will also commits that these messages are delivered to you and it is showing on their server delivery reports. Their account department is the worst department I ever seen in the industries. They treat you like you are a beggar. I have lot many points to justify that Bourse India gives worst services. Feel free to contact me +91 9867130857 for more details. Atleast talk once before you take the services.

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