No of Targets per Call 2 Risk / Reward Ratio Bad
SMS Delay No Rating Worst
They give calls which are close to first target. example: Buy coal india 280 pe (2Apr2018) at CMP, target 10.25/12 SL 5. The exact Current market price will be 9. Will you take the risk of 1.25 for 4.5 loss. In there performance report they update that buy call was given at 7. The performance report is fake. Paid 12500/- for their subscription. monthly 2-3 calls work for first target. Every proof with time stamp I can share with you all.

No of Targets per Call 1 Risk / Reward Ratio Bad
SMS Delay No Rating Worst
Fake Performance report, I have opted for Nifty options. When nifty is going green they give put call. The first day i blindly made the trade and when I crossed checked the website they update Nifty call instead of Nifty put. I have obsereved for 10 days, out of 10 days only 2 days there calls when to profit, performance sheet is completely fake. I have every proof to show my evidence. I have also uploaded on Youtube. They dont even answer to paid customer calls. I surely believe other services which they provide are also fake.

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