No of Targets per Call 4 Risk / Reward Ratio Good
SMS Delay No Rating Good
Hi, I am subscribed to their options software and using since last 2 years. Yes, there are 4 target , but do you know 4 targets are for those traders who trades in multiple lots. For single lot traders there is only singal target. Do you know that. This is the only software available in market which provides strategies and calls on the basis of number of lots you trades. Ask them they will provide you calls and strategies for 1 lot traders. They understands the markets well and know there are different strategies for different type of traders which nobody else understand. This is the reason 90% people loose in stock market but all 90% thinks same way. Only 10% thinks differently and is one of them I am proud i have taken right decision in joining them. (Admin Message: May be, this message was posted by the site owner/advisor. Clients are requested to be careful with positive comments)

No of Targets per Call self Apply targets Risk / Reward Ratio Bad
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Comments very very froud and cheating only caliculator . this type caliculator gann and pivot caliculator free availble.In market time no display even single tip not show. After market close below show OPTIONS PRO :: 5 Scripts suggested.... ALL IN PROFIT.... Nifty CALL and PUT both hits target.... Bank Nifty - SBIN - Infy PUT activated and hits target .... Reliance CALL activated and hits target ..... 6 tips and all hits target 23-11-2012 05:43PM in web site self aply rate then below show this type 10 scripts ca and pe manuval work time is over, already target some on target in 4 trgets one reach. ca/pe the scriepts ca????? or Pa????? totally cofused . time vest. so donot join this site. avoid the type of froud and cheting site this is my personal experiance. Contract Date: Prev. Close: 2TH PREV DAY Prev DAY Days Open High Low Close Use <--Tab--> button to separate the data! And Enter button for new line! Current Price Stop Loss Diff %% Remarks: SIGNAL ENTRY TGT 1 TGT 2 TGT 3 TGT 4 SL BUY ABOVE 23.24 26.65 30.06 33.46 40.28 16.42 TRAIL SL 19.83 23.24 29.2 33.46

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